Specializing in Amusement Rides, Devices, Facilities and Leisure activities.
Riding Around
Our experience with amusement rides spans 36 plus years.
Our experience with air supported structures (inflatable devices) spans twenty plus years.


Avery Safety Consulting, Inc. has been providing services to amusement and leisure industry professionals, facilities and attorneys seeking exceptional quality, integrity and expertise since 1990.

We are recognized internationally as leaders in the amusement and leisure industry. This reputation stems from our pursuit and dedication to preserving the safety of the amusement and leisure industry.

We provide expert witness and consultation to amusement and leisure industry professionals and attorneys. We specialize in amusement ride, device, facility and leisure activity safety.

We serve those that own, operate, visit or use amusement parks, inflatables, go-karts, water parks, theme parks, carnivals, fairs, festivals, exhibitions, family entertainment centers, children's play centers, arenas, sports complexes, leisure facilities & more. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the same quality, integrity and expertise that we have provided for many clients.

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